Cybersenshi cybersecurity SaaS platform

Attack service management platform

Our streamlined and automated cybersecurity platform is crafted for uncovering legacy subdomains and network IP addresses. Conducting thorough network and web scanning, vulnerability assessments, and offering detailed reporting and re-testing, our user-friendly dashboard simplifies the process, requiring only the domain name. We take pride in delivering a superior solution, surpassing the capabilities of IBM Randori and Tenable. Read about it

Cloud security platform

In today’s digital landscape, cloud computing is ubiquitous. However, this convenience is not without its security challenges, residing in the gray area between cloud providers and users. Our SaaS addresses this concern by scrutinizing cloud providers, evaluating all controls against best security practices, reporting findings, and facilitating re-testing. Compatible with major platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, AliBaba, Google GCP, Oracle OCI and VMware. Have a look

Compliance platform

Revolutionize risk management day-to-day work with automation via SaaS platform, thoughtfully tailored for discerning risk managers. Explore a rich array of features, from automated compliance tracking and real-time risk assessments to sophisticated reporting tools. Effortlessly streamline intricate workflows, saving time and elevating precision. Enjoy the flexibility of customizable dashboards, proactive alerts, and seamless integration, covers local regulatory requirements like NCA & SAMA in addition to international frameworks like ISO families. Explore it here