Simple & Fast

Designed & developed to be used by non-cybersecurity pros and by cybersecurity pros. Innovative, easy to use and very accurate results



Very advanced and extendable, we keep adding new scanning & discovery techniques to have bird-eye cybersecurity visibility for your online services


Easy to use

Results rich, easy to read and understand with beautiful reports


No Humans

Automated cybersecurity scanning & discovery, we discover the security holes before anyone else

Why Cybersenshi?

Cybersenshi is here to protect you!

Having a cybersecurity weaknesses might put you out of business or being blackmailed by hackers. On the other hand, finding cybersecurity isuess is time consuming, costly and you are always steps behind the attacker. This is incase you have discovered all of your cybersecurity issues!

Cybersenshi is developed & designed by cybersecurity offensive pentetration testers, marketing directors and CTOs which gives it a unique flavor of being very advanced cybersecurity platform with easiness of use by non-cybersecurity pros.

It's been created to fix a very serious security issue, which is: how can I make sure that I'm aware of all my security vulnerabilities NOW and there are no backdroors opened in my web app or my network without doing manual, complex, time consuming & costly security testing?

Thus, we have developed Cybersenshi. The word "Cybersenshi" is a combination of the words Cyber & Senshi(the Japanese warrior).

Up-to-date cybersecurity discoveries

Using our patent, hand-crafted cybersecurity platform

Over 130,000 cybersecurity tests

We update our cybersecurity platform on daily basis to cover wide range of cybersecurity weaknesses for websites, network, systems & databases.

Reports & Alerts

Stay informed for the latest cybersecurity issues with our rich reports & alerts

PricesHow much does it cost?

Our platform is absolutely free, but with limited functionality. See pricing policy below for more features.

Pay As You Go

Pay only for what you use. No monthly commitment.

225 SAR per scan

1 USD = 3.75 SAR

  • User-friendly Interface With Charts
  • Websites, Web Applications, and CMS Security Weaknesses Discovery
  • Database and Network Security Weaknesses Discovery
  • Detailed Security Vulnerabilities Assessment
  • Cloud Computing Security Assessment Within a Click
  • Cloud Computing Setup and Configuration Revision
  • Supports Amazon AWS
  • Detailed PDF Reports Exporting
  • 1 Target Included


2100 SAR per month

1 USD = 3.75 SAR

  • All “Pay As You Go” Plan Features are Included
  • Scheduled and Periodic Scanning
  • 10 Targets Included


Based on Agreement
  • All “Business” Plan Features are Included
  • Manual Testing by Cyber Security Team
  • Cyber Security Incidents and Issues Investigation
  • Unlimited Targets
  • Unlimited Public IPs Security Weaknesses Discovery
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